BLOOM Cup is made of medical silicone grade VI, a 100% hypoallergenic material, completely different from latex. Nevertheless it is always best to consult with your doctor before using Bloom Cup.

Women have a thin and elastic membrane at the entrance of the vagina called a hymen. It usually has a hole that allows menstruation to be expelled from the body, however depending on the body of each woman the hymen can have different forms. Some are  more closed than others, some have small holes, while others are completely open. The hymen is a very fragile tissue that can be easily opened either with a tampon, a menstrual cup, with sexual penetration, or even by non-sexual activities. 

So yes, you can use BLOOM Cup even if you have not had sexual intercourse before. The main thing is you learn about your body, explore it and find a comfortable moment to try using the cup. 

It is not recommended to use any kind of internal protection or device after giving birth. You should wait at least two months to prevent any type of infection. Consult with your doctor before using BLOOM Cup.  

The cup is positioned in the entrance of the vagina and the ring should be located high up on the vaginal canal. For this reason, the cup should not interfere with the contraceptive vaginal ring. Nevertheless we recommend to check the cup before emptying it. Also make sure the ring did not change its original position. If you have any questions consult with your doctor before using BLOOM Cup.

The cup is positioned in the entrance of the vagina and the IUD as its name says is located inside the uterus. For this reason, the cup should not interfere with the IUD. Nevertheless we recommend to check the cup before emptying it. Consult with your doctor before using BLOOM Cup.

Yes, you can use BLOOM Cup. Always remember the menstrual cup is not a birth control device,  and therefore it will not protect you from getting pregnant or getting sexually transmitted diseases. Also be aware you cannot use BLOOM Cup during sexual intercourse.


Breathe, everything is ok. Your cup cannot get lost in your vagina. The opening between the cervix and the uterus is the same size of the head of a pin. This is normal the first time. When your vaginal muscles get tense, they push the cup up, making it hard to reach. The first step is to relax, find a comfortable position, and let the cup go down through the vagina. Usually squatting or sitting on the toilet works very well.

If you still cannot locate the stem, the second step is to push the cup down through vaginal muscle contractions. Try using a constant rhythm and pushing smoothly. Keep doing it until you can reach the stem and then the grid. This is also a great exercise to strengthen your muscles and learn about your body.

This happens when the cup is positioned either too deep into the vagina, or when it does not open completely.  This causes the cup not to seal properly and therefore not to cover the entire area necessary to collect the flow. To avoid leaks try positioning the cup lower, as illustrated on step 4 from the section “How to insert my BLOOM Cup”. Also insert your thumb and check there are no folds on the cup, and if there are, follow the instructions in step 5.

If you are still having leaks you might need a bigger size cup. Our recommendation is to keep doing vaginal contraction exercises to strengthen your muscles, which can also bring benefits to your sexual life.

You do not need to remove the cup when using the toilet. You can pee or poop while using BLOOM cup without any problems. The cup is situated in the vagina, and it does not interfere with the urethra or the anus.

Yes! It is one of the most amazing advantages. If you locate it correctly you will be able to sleep without worrying about staining your sheets or the mattress. One of our favorites, you can even sleep naked ;)

Definitely! Enjoy your vacations in the pool, the beach or a day in the jacuzzi with 12 hours of protection <3

When the cup opens inside the vagina it adapts to your body and creates a seal that won't let it come out by itself. It is necessary to press the body of the cup, break the seal and pull in order for it to come out. 

The only way to know is removing the cup and checking how much has been collected. The first months you will learn how much flow you actually have and so you will be able to calculate how often to change it.

For that reason we recommend to remove it more often the first months while you learn in more detail about your body. 

The first thing you should do is remove the cup. Have in mind it might be completely full, so be careful while pulling it out.  

The fluids should not be held in the cup for more than 12 hours because bacteria could grow in there. It is very important to carefully clean your cup before inserting it again.

If you experience any symptoms consult with your doctor.

The muscles of the pelvic floor are very flexible and the size of the vaginal canal won't expand because the use of the cup. On the contrary, to remove the cup you have to make some muscles contractions, so you will learn how to contract those muscles and  make them stronger. 



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